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My First Few Days in España!

Hola a todos!
I arrived in Spain on May, 21st. The plane ride was exhausting but went without hitch. Thus far, I am loving Spain (besides the heat😅)! Everyday here is above 90 degrees and sunny, very different than Wisconsin. Everyday I wake up and I can't believe I am living in this beautiful country for 5 weeks!

Part of my experience is living with a host family. I live with my host mama, Manuela. She is such a sweet lady and has a beautiful home and a little bird named, Pavarotti. She is very affectionate and calls us her hijas (daughters). She always makes us delicious traditonal Spanish food. So far, I am enjoying the food and getting used to the late eating times (lunch at 2:00p.m. and dinner at 8:30p.m.).

Monday was my first day of class. I am taking Artistic Monuments for the first 3 weeks and then Spanish Phonetics for the second summer session. The class is so interesting and I am learning so much already! The first hour of class is spent learning in the classroom and the next 2 hours we walk around the city learning about the different monuments and history of the city. It is a very different way of learning but I really enjoy it!

Here are some pictures from my first couple days. Enjoy!

Mi casa (my house)

Rio Guadalquivir

Tinto de verano (a popular summer drink) with Ashley

Mi profesor (my professor)


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Hola a todos!

This weekend was full of adventure and spontaneity! I last minute decided to go to Marbella, Spain with a group of friends from school. And it was a very good decision indeed! We left on Saturday and it was about a 3 hour bus ride to Marbella. When we got there, we checked into our cute little AirBNB and then headed to the beach. The beach was beautiful as always. After spending a couple hours tanning and relaxing we headed back to our place to get dressed for dinner. We ended up going to an Indian restaurant, which I have never had before. It was delicious! Not only am I trying Spanish food in Spain, but other ethnically different food as well! After dinner, we headed to bed so we could be well rested for the next day. It was a good thing that we did, because we spontaneously decided to go parasailing!

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I don't really have much else to say, so here are a bunch of pictures from my weekend. Enjoy!