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Spanish Life

Hello Everyone!

This blog post is going to be a little different from the rest. For this blog I'm going to be talking about the Spanish lifestyle as I've experienced it. After being in Spain for 4 weeks I have concluded that my Spanish lifestyle is pretty similar to my college life. It's similar because I stay up to ungodly late hours, drink way too much, and always take naps. All jokes aside, the Spanish lifestyle is quite different but there's definitely a reason for the way that they live.

First, much of life happens much later than it does it in the States. This is because it is very hot during the day. The hottest temp since coming here has been 108° F. When it is the hottest point of the day (4-6pm), most of the shops close and everyone goes home to take a siesta (nap). This is a necessity. When it's that hot you really can't/don't want to do a single thing. I have also noticed that everyone here wears long pants no matter what the temp is. This blows my mind because I am drenched in sweat wearing shorts and a tank top. However, I believe they do this to protect their skin from the sun and because their culture seems much more conservative than American culture. After experiencing 100༠ F without air conditioning or even a fan, I will never again take for granted the cool Wisconsin summers.

Second, I have noticed that Spaniards are extremely social. It is common for Spaniards to spend hours at a restaurant just talking and socializing. The waiters and waitresses will not come and give you your bill until you ask and are ready to leave. This also goes along with social drinking. In the States social drinking is a thing but not like it is here. As an American, especially in college, I have found that most people drink to get drunk. However in Spain, they drink to socialize with one another. It isn't unusual to see people having a drink here together before noon but it is purely for socialization.

Third, the food and eating times are pretty different. The food is very different than what I expected. They eat a lot of carbs and meat. They are known for their olives which I find delicious and way better than the olives in the States. They also do a lot of cooking with seafood especially in places by the coast. Spain is also known for something called tapas which are similar to appetizers. Tapas also seem to be another part of their social culture because it isn't uncommon to get a bunch of tapas and share them between everyone. The eating times were a little difficult to get used to. We don't eat lunch until 2:30 p.m. and dinner is at 8:30 p.m. which is actually pretty early. Most people here don't eat dinner until 9:30-10 p.m. I assume they eat so late because they stay awake way later.

Paella (traditional Spanish dish)
& Sangria

Besides dealing with the heat, I really enjoy the Spanish lifestyle. Life here seems to be way more social and overall more slow paced than in States. I love the fact that, here people seem to really enjoy each others company. People aren't on their phones during dinner and they actually take the time to sit and talk with one another. I think us as Americans could definitely learn a thing or two from the Spanish and their way of life.

That is all for now!
Hasta luego!


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